Tyler Hilton hammered the big-block Chevrolet powered Great Expectations III into the Nitro Nationals winner’s circle with a 6.39 ET at 239 MPH after Runner-Up Pete Wittenberg struck the tires at the hit in the KMA Circuit Breaker.

After posting event Low ET and Top Speed, Wittenberg clinched the 2020 NHRA Heritage Series Top Fuel Championship in the season-closing AA/Fuel pedalfest that came down to a margin of victory of just five-thousandths of a second.

The track was cooling down as the two Top Fuel titans staged into the night. The “KMA Circuit Breaker” hemi broke traction first, but Wittenberg wasn’t the only one fighting the balance of power over pavement. Hilton said he felt things get loose a little further down track and rolled into the fearsome big block Chevrolet for the win. “I don’t think the track would have held a quick pedal. It was pretty close at the end, but I was there first.”

Wittenberg quickly recovered from the smokey step and launched the hemi-powered “KMA Circuit Breaker” into hot pursuit, driving out the back door at 246 MPH with an almost but not enough 6.43-second ET. The two-time Bakersfield March Meet Top Fuel winner came into the race in the number one points position and pulled the chutes on the Nitro Nationals as the 2020 NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series Nostalgia Top Fuel Champion.

2020 NHRA Heritage Series Top Fuel Season Champion Pete Wittenberg and the KMA Circuit Breaker crew. Photo: Mary Robinson

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The Top Fuel season wrap-up at Tulsa Raceway park saw timing tree trip-ups and mechanical mishaps through two qualifying sessions and eliminations. Brendan Murry overcame qualifying troubles but went out in round one eliminations with a 6.63 to Pete Wittenberg’s winning 6.169. Tim Cullinan’s 5.88 dispatched Jim Murphy, and Tyler Hilton’s 6.05 defeated Paul Schultz. Dusty Green drove Steve Harwood’s “Nitro Hemi” into the semi-final with a 5.89 over Gary Wheeler in the all-new Grand Prix Auto AA/Fueler.  

Wittenberg moved into the final with a 5.89 at 195 after Dusty Green scrubbed with mechanical problems during the warmup, and Tyler Hilton’s 5.83-second 246 MPH win over Tim Cullinan set the stage for the final Nostalgia Top Fuel battle of 2020. In an opening ceremonies move that foreshadowed the outcome, Tulsa Raceway Park impresario Todd Martin recognized three generations of Hilton and Lee family drag racing achievement by presenting Alison Lee with a Lifetime Dedication Award. Jim and Alison Lee campaigned the original “Great Expectations II” AA/Fuel dragster in the ’60s and ’70s. 

With the California Hot Rod Reunion’s cancellation, the Nitro Nationals at Tulsa Raceway Park marked the end of a tumultuous year for the NHRA Heritage Series drag racing community and the entire world. Head over the NHRA for the official 2020 Hot Rod Heritage Nostalgia Top Fuel Championship points final and mark the calendar for the 2021 March Meet at Auto Club Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, California.


The All American Fuel Dragsters are heading for the Nitro Nationals season championship decider at Tulsa Raceway Park. With the California Hot Rod Reunion’s cancellation, the Nitro Nationals will conclude the 2020 NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series. Tulsa Raceway Park is celebrating its 55th Anniversary, and the Nitro Nationals carries on a tradition of Top Fuel competition established by the 1965 NHRA World Finals.

Two-time March Meet Champion Pete Wittenberg is motoring to Tulsa town with the KMA Circuit breaker, and Dusty Green will suit up and drive Steve Harwood’s Nitro Hemi after taking Top Fuel at the Boise Nightfire Nationals. Runner Up Jim Murphy will be gunning for a final round rematch in the WW2 fueler, and Ohio’s own Tyler Hilton will drive the big-block Chevrolet powered Great Expectations III.

Brendan Murry is heading east with the Running Wild, and Paul “Nobody” Schultz is warming up the Spirit of Tulsa and the BBQ as one of two Tulsa Top Fuel contenders. Gary Wheeler will drive double in the all-new Jon Brook Grand Prix Auto Center AA/Fuel dragster and injected-on-nitro A/Fuel dragster. A few more contenders could round out the fuel field, but their current location remains a mystery.

The Heritage Series Nostalgia Top Fuel Championship is up for grabs. Pete Wittenberg holds the points lead with Dusty Green, Jim Murphy, and Tyler Hilton in the 2nd-4th slots. The Nitro Nationals runs Friday, September 18th, and Saturday the 19th. First session Nitro Qualifying kicks off on Friday at 7 PM. Session two qualifying begins Saturday at 2 PM, and Eliminations start at 5 PM. Semi-Finals get moving at 7 PM with Finals at 9 PM. No curfew means header flames long into the night.

Over a dozen fuel-huffing Fuel Altereds, a brace of supercharged nitro-burning Funny Cars, and injected-on-nitro A/Fuel dragsters will join forces with the AA/Fuelers for explosive 1/4-mile competition under the lights. For full event information and tickets, head over to www.tulsaracewaypark.com or check out the official Tulsa Raceway Park Facebook page.

Driver points standings heading into the 2020 Nitro Nationals at Tulsa Raceway Park.

1 – Pete Wittenberg – 173
2 – Dusty Green – 165
3 – Jim Murphy – 155
4 – Tyler Hilton – 145
5 – Bryan Hall – 132
6 – Bret Williamson – 112
7 – Dan Horan Jr. – 74
8 – Tyler Hester – 73
9 – Brendan Murry – 10
10 – Frank McBee Jr. – 10
11 – Adam Sorokin – 10
12 – Rick White – 10

Official Heritage Series racing news, schedule, official points standings, tickets, race results, rules, and more are available at www.nhrahotrodheritage.com.


Fourteen AA/Fuel dragsters are loaded with nitro and heading to Bakersfield for the 28th Annual California Hot Rod Reunion at Auto Club Famoso Raceway. Four new Nostalgia Top Fuel class dragsters will make their racing debut into what promises to be an explosive qualifying fight for 8-car Eliminations. Qualifying starts Friday, Oct 25th, and the nitro will burn until the last pair thunders down the quarter-mile for the title on Sunday, Oct 27th.

Mendy Fry and the High Speed Motorsports team are heading into the last race of the season with the Nostalgia Top Fuel Championship in hand. Fry’s fourth consecutive event win at the Nitro Nationals at Tulsa Raceway Park put her at an incontestable point advantage ahead of the season closer. It’s not over until it’s over in the fight for the event win. With four new dragsters and three generations of Top Fuel drivers, it’s anybody’s race. Qualifying will be fierce as the formidable field unleashes over 45,000 horsepower onto the 1320 in a supercharged nitro-fueled spectacle of speed.

Drag racer and builder Bryan Hall has followed up his fearsome nitro-huffing 5-second AA/Fuel Altered known as “The Tramp” with the H&H “Nomad”. The Rooman dragster was originally built for longtime Top Fuel favorite “Digger” Dan Horan Sr., who died in 2016. Hall bought the car from Dan Horan Jr. in late 2018, along with a new house that had a longer garage for the dragster. Hall said he built the early hemi-powered fueler “just to challenge myself. It’s definitely an exciting time for the dragster class.”

Dan Horan Jr. is fielding his own all-new Pete Kaiser tuned AA/Fuel dragster as a tribute to his father. The late-model hemi belted out a 5.87 ET at last year’s reunion in his Dad’s old car. Dusty Green is out of the “Nitro-Hemi” and into the “Triple Threat.” Dusty’s new 417 Rodeck hemi-powered beast is ready for action at Famoso. “It’s badass! The class is growing,” said the Northern California based driver. Driver Frank McBee Jr. and the Valley Thunder Racing gang are rolling in from Fresno with the fourth new dragster to make its racing debut.

Read on for the current 14-car roster, points standings, and a Nostalgia Top Fuel run schedule. The All American Fuel Dragsters will join nitro-huffing Funny Cars, awful AA/Fuel Altereds, injected nitro A/Fuel dragsters in competition, Moreover, the NHRA Motorsports Museum will simultaneously light off dozens of nitro-burning historic hot rods in a celebration known as the “Cacklefest.” Traditional push-starts are scheduled throughout the weekend. To purchase California Hot Rod Reunion tickets, call 1-800-884-NHRA, head over to NHRA, or drive on out to Auto Club Famoso Raceway.


1) Mendy Fry – High Speed Motorsports
2) Adam Sorokin – Champion Speed Shop
3) Jim Murphy – WW2
4) Tyler Hilton – Great Expectations III
5) Bret Williamson – Forever Young
6) Phil Ruskowski – Xhibitionist
7) Rick White – Neil and White
8) Pete Wittenberg – Circuit Breaker
9) Brendan Murry – Running Wild
10) Rick McGee – Overtime Special
11) Dusty Green – Triple Threat
12) Frank McBee – Valley Thunder Racing
13) Dan Horan Jr.
14) Bryan Hall – H&H Nomad


NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series Nostalgia Top Fuel Championship points heading into the 28th Annual California Hot Rod Reunion at Automobile Club of Southern California.

1) Mendy Fry – 565
2) Adam Sorokin – 438
3) Jim Murphy – 315
4) Tyler Hilton – 260
5) Bret Williamson – 227
6) Phil Ruskowski – 176
7) Tim Cullinan – 107
8) Jim Young – 97
9) Rick White – 78
10) Pete Wittenberg – 67
11) Brendan Murry – 62
12) Rick McGee – 54
13) Joey Haas – 53
14) Julius Hughes – 51
15) Gerald Hangey – 10
15) Roger Lechtenberg – 10
15) Paul Schultz – 10


Friday, October 25th
Qualifying Session 1: 4 PM

Saturday, October 26th
Qualifying Session 2: 12 Noon
Qualifying Session 3: 4 PM
Cacklefest: 6 PM

Sunday, October 27th
National Anthem and Ceremonies: 10:45 AM
Eliminations: 11:30 AM
Final: 4 PM


Tyler Hilton in the Great Expectations III at Tulsa Raceway Park

We’ve got Tulsa by the numbers, Top Fuel by the score. With the Nitro Nationals in the recent past and season-closing California Hot Rod Reunion in the near future, we’ve got the numbers. Download the full set of Top Fuel results and incrementals from the 2019 Nitro Nationals at Tulsa Raceway Park and an NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series Nostalgia Top Fuel Championship season points rundown right here.


Mendy Fry wins Top Fuel at the Holley National Hot Rod Reunion in the High Speed Motorsports AA/Fuel dragster. Fry took the final battle with 5.56 ET at 259 MPH in a close race with Jim Young who drove the Young Guns fueler to runner up with a 5.65 ET at 262 MPH. Complete rundown of the of all the Top Fuel drag racing action from the 17th Holley National Hot Rod Reunion below.


News, photos, results and moreas it all happened at the 17th Holley National Hot Rod Reunion. Tune into the official video coverage over at Dragracer.TV – 100% free of charge!

UPDATE: Jim Young vs. Mendy Fry in the Top Fuel Final. Young took the win against Murphy 5.66 ET 259 MPH top end charge. Mendy Fry moved onto the final with a 5.58 ET at 261 MPH after Tyler Hilton went up in smoke.

UPDATE: Mendy Fry takes the round over Gerald Hangey with a 5.79 ET at 206 MPH after Julius Hughes broke. Jimi Young moved on with 5.71 ET at 257 MPH as Tim Cullinan got out of the throttle. Jim Murphy took a bye in the WW2 after Joey Haas went MIA. Tyler Hilton moved into the semis over Adam Sorokin with a 5.95 ET at 250 MPH in a big block vs small block Chevrolet battle decided by 6-hundredths of a second. Fry vs. Hilton and Young vs. Murphy in the TOP FUEL Semi-Final coming right up.



Mendy Fry resets Low ET with a 5.54 second 242 MPH blast in the fourth and last qualifying session. Tim Cullinan makes it into the show with a 6.21 ET at 147 MPH in the Irish Car Bomb. Julius Hughes holds  the #8 slot with a 6.22 ET from Q2 after his Q3 6.11 ET run was disqualified due to an oil down. Nostalgia Top Fuel Qualifying Order and Eliminations Ladder from the Holley National Hot Rod Reunion.


Number one qualifier Mendy Fry hit tire shake and holds onto Low ET. Jim Young ran quicker with a 5.68 ET and faster 257 MPH Top Speed for #2. Adam Sorokin remains at #3 after running a 6.20 ET at 191 MPH and Murphy kept the #4 slot after smoking the tires and coasting through the lights. Tyler Hilton moved up to #5 with a 6-second 245 MPH blast in the Great Expectations big block Chevrolet. Joey Haas stepped it up with 6.02 ET at 225 and kept  #6. Julius Hughes improved with a 6.11 ET at 240 MPH for #7 and Brendan Murry pushed the Running Wild to a 6.47 ET at 146 MPH for #8. Larry Gocha ran a 6.43 ET at 210 MPH on a license pass but crossed the centerline on the top end. Last Qualifying Session coming right up.

LIVE video from the Holley National Hot Rod Reunion

Friday Nostalgia Top Fuel Run Schedule. Q3 12 Noon. Q4 3 PM.

Top Fuel Qualifying Session Two Q2 at 12 NOON. Last Session Four Q4 at 3 PM. Friday run schedule from the 17th Annual Holley Hot Rod Reunion. Schedule subject to change.


Mendy Fry sits out Q2 and holds onto Low ET. Jim Young keeps 252 MPH Top Speed and #2. Adam Sorokin lit the candles and stepped up to #3 with a 5.77-second 207 MPH run in the Champion Speed Shop small block Chevrolet. Julius Hughes moved the Atlanta Speed Shop Hemi up to #5 with a 6.22 ET at 247 MPH. Top Fuel Q2 Two results and incrementals wrap up Thursday Nostalgia Top Fuel action at the Holley National Hot Rod Reunion. Q3 is scheduled for 12 NOON on Friday, June 14th at Beech Bend Raceway Park.

Joey Haas hits it in the Mill Road Boys Chevrolet-powered AA/Fuel dragster at the 17th Annual Holley National Hot Rod Reunion.

Nostalgia Top Fuel Qualifying Session Two Q2 Results and Incrementals.

Mendy Fry grabbed Low ET and the #1 spot with a 5.618 second blast at 234 MPH in Top Fuel Qualifying Session One. Jim Young posted a 5.73 ET at 252 MPH for the #2 spot and Top Speed. Jim Murphy cranked out a stout 5.87 ET and clicked it for a 219 MPH. Session One Qualifying results and incidentals below. UPDATE: Top Fuel Q2 will run on Thursday at approximately 7PM.

Nostalgia Top Fuel Qualifying Session One Q1 Results and Incrementals