Late Saturday night at Spokane County Raceway, Mendy Fry won her third consecutive Heritage Series Top Fuel race. Fry charged hard out of the gate in the High Speed Motorsports dragster and posted a 5.79 ET at 241 MPH for the win against Bret Williamson, who took Runner-Up with a 6.72 ET at 172 MPH in the Mike Fuller Motorsports “Forever Young.” Fry pedaled through 3500-horsepower induced tire shake in every round at the Coors Light Nitro Summer Nationals and her midnight victory capped two days of supercharged-on-nitro drag racing action. With a commanding and near insurmountable lead in the season’s points battle, Fry and the High-Speed team are bringing their triple threat to the fifth battle in the 6-race in NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series at Tulsa Raceway Park.


The Nitro Summer Nationals ran over two days, with one session on Friday night and two sessions on Saturday ahead of Top Fuel Eliminator. Mendy Fry set Low ET in Q1 with a 5.68, but it was anybody’s race after Q3. Pete Wittenberg belted out a 5.70 ET at 245 MPH in the Circuit Breaker in Q2. Tyler Hilton drove the Great Expectations big block Chevrolet into the low sixes and matched Wittenberg’s 245 MPH Top Speed in Q3. Adam Sorokin extracted low six-second passes out of the Champion Speed Shop small block Chevrolet and Bret Williamson capped Q3 with a 5.91-second assault in the Forever Young hemi. Jim Murphy overcame two rounds of traction issues with a 6.14 ET in Q3, and Phil Ruskowski held onto his 7.14-second Q2 run in the Xibitionist small block Chevrolet.


Mendy Fry5.68216
Pete Wittenberg5.70245
Bret Williamson5.91206
Tyler Hilton6.05237
Adam Sorokin6.11187
Jim Murphy6.14212
Phil Ruskowski7.14176


Eliminations opened into the sunset as Phil Ruskowski moved into the semis with a 7.26 ET after Pete Wittenberg’s 7.19 ET was disqualified over a clipped cone. Adam Sorokin took the win with a 6-second flat 196 MPH holeshot over Tyler Hilton, who set low ET and Top Speed for the round with a 5.93 ET at 244 MPH in the big block Chevrolet “Great Expectations III.” Bret Williamson moved the “Forever Young” into the Semi-Final with a 5.94 241 MPH over Murphy’s 6.00-second flat 203 MPH run in the “WW2”. Mendy Fry shut down the High-Speed Motorsports dragster for a 7.21 at 117.66 MPH on a bye run single.


Mendy Fry opened the Semi-Final with a tire-shaking’ 6.54-second 149 MPH win over Adam Sorokin, who red-lit in the Champion Speed Shop small block Chevy and coasted through the traps. Bret Williamson lit up the night sky in the ‘Forever Young’ and moved onto the final with a 6.36-second 158 MPH run against Phil Ruskowski and his Xibitionist small block Chevy. The High-Speed and Mike Fuller Motorsports teams emerged from an epic pit thrash as Saturday turned to Sunday and concluded the event with a midnight race under the lights at Spokane County Raceway.

After three wins in three races the Mendy Fry High Speed Motorsports team matchup seems unstoppable but it hardly happened overnight. Fry credits the team for their nitro-huffing AA/Fuel dragster entry’s success due to their meticulous attention to detail, and crew chief Tom Shelar is quick to point out Fry’s skill, experience, and determination in the driver’s seat. “She learned how to pedal it through tire shake back when she got her Top Fuel license (in 2003) with ‘Root Beer’ Hedge. They would match race in all kinds of tough conditions all across the country. He taught her that you have to get to the finish line, no matter what.”

“She learned how to pedal it through tire shake back when she got her Top Fuel license (in 2003) with ‘Root Beer’ Hedge. They would match race in all kinds of tough conditions all across the country. He taught her that you have to get to the finish line, no matter what.”

Tom Shelar

Next stop for the All-American Fuel Dragsters coalition is the Nitro Nationals, September 21st and 22nd at Tulsa Raceway Park.

The High Speed Motorsports team in the Nitro Summer Nationals Winner’s Circle at Spokane Valley Raceway


The All American Fuel Dragsters are geared up for a front-engine Top Fuel Double Feature in the Northwestern United States. Two races in two weeks add up to double trouble for the teams fighting their way toward a Top Fuel Points Title in the NHRA Heritage Series. The action starts this weekend at the 48th Pepsi Nightfire Nationals at Firebird Raceway in Boise, Idaho and fires up again next weekend for the Nitro Summer Nationals at Spokane County Raceway.

Beginning at Boise, reigning Nightfire Nationals Champion and current points leader Mendy Fry and the “High Speed Motorsports” team will battle fellow California fuelers Adam Sorokin in the “Champion Speed Shop” machine, Jim Murphy in the “WW2” entry, and Bret Williamson in the Mike Fuller Motorsports “Forever Young.” Tyler Hilton has headed in from Ohio to drive the big-block Chevrolet “Great Expectations III” dragster and Canada’s own Phil Ruskowski and his Island Nitro Gang are bringing their small-block Chevrolet “Xibitionist.” SoCal racer Pete Wittenberg is set to join the tour at Spokane in the “KMA Circuit Breaker.”


The Nightfire Nationals is the signature event of the season at Firebird Raceway and 3rd Nostalgia Top Fuel class battle in the 6-race 2019 NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series Championship. The event kicks off on Thursday with two Top Fuel Qualifying sessions on Friday at 2 PM and 7:30 PM and one on Saturday at 2 PM. Eliminations begin Saturday at 8 PM with plenty of header flames under the lights from Top Fuel dragsters, Funny Cars, and Fuel Altereds. Finals start on Sunday at 3 PM. Check out Firebird Raceway for more information and tickets to the 48th Pepsi Nightfire Nationals.


The Nitro Summer Nationals at Spokane County Raceway is a new NHRA Heritage Series race. The 4th race for the season championship starts on Friday the 16th with all classes qualifying at 4 PM. Qualifying picks up again on Saturday at 11 AM, and Eliminations for all classes begin at 5 PM with Top Fuel, Funny Car, and Jets blazing into the night. Eliminations continue on Sunday until the last pair fights it out. The event features a cultural connection to American drag racing history with exhibition runs by Butch Patrick, aka Eddie Munster in the “Dragula” front-engine coffin dragster from “The Munsters” 1960s TV show.


Next stop for the All-American Fuel Dragsters after the American Northwest Top Fuel tour is the Nostalgia Nitro Nationals at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma September 20th-21st. Stay tuned to the AAFD here or on out Facebook Page for news as we get it.